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Activity… is SherbertTCat who I remember from OAS as a troll and a very nasty person. Welcome back, troll.
hey SherbertTCat thanks for visiting every day, despite the fact that I blocked you...oh btw, found your Facebook the other day..yeah you're not so anonymous, are you? 
PS: did my ex send you my way, or are you just that obsessed with me too?
I remember you from OAS...LOL. Seriously, get a life.
I Fear No One by Ancient-Hoofbeats
I Fear No One
I DON'T FEAR COWARDS who harass and stalk and threaten and spread bullshit lies about me online. We all know you can't prove the shit you tell people, so why don't you go back to the dark hole you slithered out of, and LEAVE ME ALONE.
I FEAR NO ONE, not one human being. The only One I fear is God Himself, and you are NOT God.
Dark City Walls by AFineWar
 Obnoxious florescent light blares against obscenely white walls and old-school spotted tiles, dissolving into one thin blue line running along the wall, about four feet off the ground. Endless hallways, with no windows or clocks to tell time, seem to maze their way through the building. There is no obvious exit or entrance, except for two large metal doors at one end that require a passkey and an ID card for the armed guards on the other side. Rooms left and right are hidden behind faus-wood doors with no windows to hint at what is on the other side. Chilled air blankets the wide-open hallway, like an open freezer, in the hope of sanitizing both germs and the human mind of any chance of escape. The silence is deafening through much of the hallway and there is no sign of life.
  Down the hall, in the 6th room of the 3rd floor, buried in the maze of winding hallways and endless closed doors, is a lab with machines that stretch to the high ceiling, whirling and humming with energy. On the door is a sign that reads "CDC: Testing & Diagnosis" in large navy-blue letters. Bare grey floors stretch from wall to wall and the room has the same obnoxious lighting as the hallways. In the middle of the room is a bright blue plastic chair with a special armrest, like the ones always used for patients when they get their blood drawn. A silver tray with a thin blue cloth and an assortment of needles and vials on it, has been placed next to the chair, within easy reach. Some vials are marked for blood withdraws, but two have a light-bluish liquid inside.
  A little girl, about five years old, walks in timidly, hiding her face behind bouncing golden pigtails. Tiny crystal blue eyes look up at the needles fearfully, and an average height African American Navy Corpsman steps in between her and the tray, blocking her view. Kneeling down in front of her, he glanced momentarily at the blue and orange bracelets on her wrist. The orange one was for allergies, which was a fairly routine sight for him. The blue one was a tag given to minors without any living relatives. It meant she was an orphan, her parents were victims to the contingent. He'd seen too many of those...
  Smiling gently at the girl, he pulled a teddy bear out from behind him and held it out to her. "It's okay, Sweetie. We're going to take good care of you." The girl remained silent. "I'm going to put you up in this chair for a moment," He said as he lifted her up and placed her on the seat, then pulled the arm rest down slowly. "Now, Mr. Teddy here is going to keep you company while we--" he motioned to a female nurse in an Israeli uniform standing against the far wall, preparing something for the girl. "take a TINY sample of your blood and make sure everything's okay...alright, Sweety?" The Corpsman smiled at her again, but her face remained empty and her eyes wide with fear. He gently, slowly reached for her arm, to pull it open so they could draw the blood. She resisted, whimpering. He stopped and motioned for the nurse to assist him. When the nurse reached for the girl's arm, the girl panicked.
  "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" The girl screamed as she curled into a tight ball, hugging her arms across her chest and burying her face behind the teddybear. Her body rocked with sobs and shook with fear.
  "It's okay, Sweetie, you're okay." The man cooed while rubbing her back soothingly. "You're okay...we're not going to hurt you, okay sweetheart?" He lightly brushed a few bangs away from her face and gently rubbed her back for a few minutes, while the female nurse prepared a syringe. "We just want to make sure you're healthy, okay?"
  She looked up from her teddy slowly, with puffy red eyes and sniffed. "K." She whispered.
  "Okay...may I see your arm please? We'll only take a few minutes, then you can help me choose a bandaid, ok?"
  "K...can we choose one for teddy, too?" She looked up sheepishly.
  "Yes we can!" he said with a grin.
  "Okay." She whispered, slowly unfurling her arm and laying it on the table top. She whimpered again at the sight of the needle, but did not withdraw this time. The Israeli nurse moved closer as the Navy Corpsman rubbed her arm near her elbow with the alcoholic prep pad, then set up the arm band and spotted a good strong vein.
  He distracted the girl by asking her random questions and making her giggle, while the nurse handled the blood vials and the shots. "Do you ave any pets?" He asked her.
  The needle slid in easily, and blood filled up the capsules quickly.
  "No, I never had one but mommy said we could get a puppy for Christmas. I'm going to ask her if we can get a big one, when she gets back from her trip." The girl said with a big smile. The Corpsman held back a grimace, realizing the girl had no idea her parents were dead, and forced a smile.
  "That's a great idea, Sweety. I bet your mom would love to get a big one." The Israeli nurse was better at keeping a stone face then he was, and he had to remind himself not to cry while the girl could see him. "I have a German Shepherd puppy back home. He's a silly little rascal who likes to chase chipmunks and doesn't understand that he can't climb trees like they can. Can you imagine a dog climbing a tree?"
   "No!" She giggled, her pigtails bouncing. She hardly paid attention to the two shots with the bluish liquid, and only winced a little with the second one.
   "He also stole my shoe the other day and hid it under the bushes. Took me hours to find it and I was hopping around on one foot the whole time!" He made a silly face, and the girl giggled more.
   The Israeli nurse walked over with a box of Disney princess band-aids for the girl to sift through. While the Navy Corpsman looked through "the insane level of glittery wonderfulness" (as he often referred to the box of girly bandaids), the nurse prepared a milky white drink and grabbed a few sugar cookies.
 "I like the Beauty & the Beast one best!" The girl pointed to a sparkly blue and yellow one. "And Teddy wants the Cinderella one."
 "Sounds good." The corpsman smiled warmly. She hid behind the bear shyly as he put the bandaids on her and the teddybear.
 "Here you go, Sweety." The Israeli nurse handed her the cookies. "And here's a glass of milk. Make sure you drink it all, okay?" The two nurses exchanged a glance over the oblivious girl's head. She nibbled on the cookies and sipped at the milk, which had no obvious odd flavor to it. Eventually, it was all gone and she was more relaxed and happy.
  "I'm sleepy.." Her head was nodding and eyes were drooping.
  "It's okay, Sweety. You can sleep, sweetheart." The Corpsman smiled softly. "How about I take you to a nice warm bed, where you can take a nap?"
  The girl just nodded sleepily. "Mkay." She could barely say the words now. Her body was completely relaxed and she was already drifting off to sleep, but she managed to look up at him and ask "Do you think mommy will be back when I wake up?"
  He had to force a smile again and try not to cry. "Just sleep, sweetheart, okay? You'll be okayyy."
  He leaned down in front of her, moving the arm rest as he spoke, and lifted her into his arms and let her head rest against his neck. She was already out like a light and breathing soft and slow. Walking towards the door with the girl, he looked over at the Israeli nurse, who simply nodded and said "You know she will be in a better place soon."

Do you think we should deport the illegal immigrants that rushed the border (from Mexico to the US)? 

8 deviants said No
5 deviants said Yes

Oh the things of delight...

Fri Oct 3, 2014, 6:53 PM

Stentor by theresahelmerA Wimsical Tea Party for A Birthday Girl by theresahelmerTriple Mousse (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) by theresahelmerLight n Fluffy Berry Mousse by theresahelmerTime For Delicious Homemade Sorbet by theresahelmerCookie Monster Inspired Ice Cream by theresahelmerRed Delicious Apple Cupcakes by theresahelmerFishy, Fishy, Fishy...!!! by theresahelmerLavender Chocolate Cups by theresahelmerTwlight Mist..... by theresahelmerSay Something....Anything...... by theresahelmerUnapologetic by IvanAndreevichBlue Iris by theresahelmerEaster Lemon Jello Dessert by theresahelmerIrresistible Raspberry n strawberry/Nutella Crepes by theresahelmerWe Heart Chocolate Hearts... by theresahelmerDark Chocolate Mint Mousse by theresahelmerChocolate Chocolate Cake w/ fresh Raspberries by theresahelmerBrownie Bites w/ Raspberry n Cream by theresahelmerRolo Cupcakes by claremansonMojito Lime Cupcakes by theresahelmerRaspberry Panna Cotta by theresahelmerWaffle Bowl w/ Fresh Whipped Cream n Fruit by theresahelmerHeavenly Dessert by theresahelmerFor Alie...A Green Lemon Cake n Treats by theresahelmerWhite chocolate heel by aoao2Chocolate Heaven by claremanson

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
My Stock Account: Ghost-Rebel-Stock

SOmething people need to understand about me right off the bat: I AM A GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENT and a MIXED ARTIST! Yes I have a LOT of photos and lit but that's because when I started here on DA, that's all I did. Now I'm shifting into more of the traditional and Design elements!

I support ALL of the US Military branches, WITHOUT the politics of war.
I run 8 clubs on DA, including American Rebel Club and Hero Rebellion International (aka HRC).
I am a photographer, writer/poet, digital artist, and I feature aproximately 200 artists a month (deviantART news articles).
I have been horseback riding for 19 years and teaching it to kids for 6 years!
I am very interested in learning about other cultures and religions.
I am an artist of MANY talents, and highly involved in the community.
I do NOT tolerate: stalkers (I have over 25 now), cyberbullies (I have blocked over 50 so far), porn freaks or porn art, disrespectful talk toward my beliefs (although I am pretty peaceful these days), nor threats of ANY kind.

Some of my heroes/heroines include:
Moonbeam13, DreamingMyth, DancesWithHorses (now deceased), and Apophis906.
As you can see, I have MANY friends here.
Please be respectful to me, and I will TRY to be respectful towards you.

Thanks for visiting my site! :)

Current Residence: Pegasus Galaxy!....oh wait, you meant on earth?, deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium, Favourite genre of music: Celtic Spirit; Christian Rock; Christian Rap; TRICKY TRICKY (Radio Edit), Favourite photographer: unknown, Favourite style of art: ...LIVING HOPE!!!, Operating System: Windows XP, MP3 player of choice: I guess it'd be Audiovox., Shell of choice: selling seashells by the seashore...uh bullet-proof vests/pants, Wallpaper of choice: Horses; SG-1/SGA; other Sci-Fi; Third Watch; MILITARY!;EMTs; JOHN DOE, Skin of choice: mine i guess....although snakeskin is kinda chewy., Favourite cartoon character: Filmore; Spirit; Donald Duck; Recess, Personal Quote: The greatest movements in history started with just one voice.


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