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Gamers n Cosplay

Mon Mar 2, 2015, 3:36 PM


Ancient-Hoofbeats's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
My Stock Account: Ghost-Rebel-Stock

SOmething people need to understand about me right off the bat: I AM A GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENT and a MIXED ARTIST! Yes I have a LOT of photos and lit but that's because when I started here on DA, that's all I did. Now I'm shifting into more of the traditional and Design elements!

I support ALL of the US Military branches, WITHOUT the politics of war.
I run 8 clubs on DA, including American Rebel Club and Hero Rebellion International (aka HRC).
I am a photographer, writer/poet, digital artist, and I feature aproximately 200 artists a month (deviantART news articles).
I have been horseback riding for 19 years and teaching it to kids for 6 years!
I am very interested in learning about other cultures and religions.
I am an artist of MANY talents, and highly involved in the community.
I do NOT tolerate: stalkers (I have over 25 now), cyberbullies (I have blocked over 50 so far), porn freaks or porn art, disrespectful talk toward my beliefs (although I am pretty peaceful these days), nor threats of ANY kind.

Some of my heroes/heroines include:
Moonbeam13, DreamingMyth, DancesWithHorses (now deceased), and Apophis906.
As you can see, I have MANY friends here.
Please be respectful to me, and I will TRY to be respectful towards you.

Thanks for visiting my site! :)

Current Residence: Pegasus Galaxy!....oh wait, you meant on earth?, deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium, Favourite genre of music: Celtic Spirit; Christian Rock; Christian Rap; TRICKY TRICKY (Radio Edit), Favourite photographer: unknown, Favourite style of art: ...LIVING HOPE!!!, Operating System: Windows XP, MP3 player of choice: I guess it'd be Audiovox., Shell of choice: selling seashells by the seashore...uh bullet-proof vests/pants, Wallpaper of choice: Horses; SG-1/SGA; other Sci-Fi; Third Watch; MILITARY!;EMTs; JOHN DOE, Skin of choice: mine i guess....although snakeskin is kinda chewy., Favourite cartoon character: Filmore; Spirit; Donald Duck; Recess, Personal Quote: The greatest movements in history started with just one voice.


Gamers n Cosplay

Mon Mar 2, 2015, 3:36 PM

Hungry Yet??

Fri Feb 20, 2015, 5:08 PM

Roasted Moose by AREA666Australian Culinary Finals: Entree 2 by DulcetEpicureNew logo by DulcetEpicureFood photography 2 by DreadJimTriangle Love by DawnRoseCreationKrispy Kreme by Chrementesomg food by maxpowerchines food by derDommyFood Shoot by Djak234food by MonkeyBuisinessfood 3 by Alvin-Bakefood I by RazZzZFood plate by StudioRozmanFOOD 4 by AmerGeFOOD 3 by AmerGefood galore 3 by fotographicaDouble Lindt Chocolate Choc-Chip Cupcakes by DulcetEpicureTomato and Roasted Capsicum Soup by DulcetEpicureSzechuan Chicken by cb-smizzlePumpkin Soup by laurenjacobSprout Pudding by Z74062 Roules De Jambon by RoselineLphotoRosemary Potatoes by Z740Roquette Leaf, Pear and Roasted Goats Cheese Salad by DulcetEpicureAged Black Angus Fillet of Beef by DulcetEpicureACA 2010 Entry 04 by DulcetEpicurePan Seared Lamb Cutlets by DulcetEpicureFlank Steak with Chimichurri by ThomasVo

  • Mood: Sunny Mood
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(Contains: strong language)
“Wait, you want me to interrogate HER?!” The agent, an olive-skinned man in his early 30's and wearing an all-black uniform, said in surprise as he walked into the interrogation room.
“Is there a proble—” The second agent, a caucasian man with light-grey hair and an average-looking build, started to ask quizzically.
“FUCK that shit!” The first agent exclaimed. “No, uh-uh, no way in HELL! Put me in  the room with the Silence of the Lambs guy, with Freddy motherfucking Kruger, with a radioactive demon zombie—anybody but THAT bitch!” He was nearly shouting now, his eyes wide and his hand gestures more exaggerated with every word.
“Awww, Agent Davis, you missed me!” The young woman sitting at the table cooned teasingly, grinning. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, and her bright blue eyes watched their every move. She had lightly-tanned skin, a lean body-build, and an average face with sharp features. Judging by the look on her face, she was enjoying making the first agent squirm.
“NOPE! FUCK THAT SHIT!” He said loudly, drawing the attention of the people in the main area. Reaching for the doorknob with a shaking hand, he swung it open with a bang, startling the second agent.
Awww, come back Agent Davis! We had SO MUCH FUN last time!” The woman called after him teasingly.
“NOPE!” He nearly shouted back. “I'm out, I'm gone!” He growled as he stormed out. They could hear him near the elevators, yelling “FUCK THAT SHIT!  HELLLLLL NO, not on my mama's grave—NOPE!”

There were a few minutes of stunned silence before the second agent turned back to look at the young woman once more, a dumbfounded look covering his face. She was still grinning slyly as he asked her “What the HELL did you DO to him?!” She simply shrugged, still smiling. He shook his head. “I've never seen him like that...”
“I can't imagine what he was so disturbed about.” It was clear she knew damn well why.
“Uh-huh.” He clearly wasn't buying it. “Well,” he said with a sigh. “Why don't we get down to business, shall we?” He reached for the doorknob and began to close the door, trying to put on his toughest look.
Leaning back in her chair, she smiled with a weird, dangerous look in her eye. “Yes, lets...” She enjoyed the shudder that passed through his body at the calmness of her voice and the steady look she gave him. This wasn't her first rodeo with the NSA.
Rolling dark clouds threatening rain or snow hang low over the streets, adding to the ominous heavy air. Flickers of light reflect off of icy puddles as street lamps begin to come alive. Evening is approaching--and with it, the chill of night--but it remains just beyond the shadows on the outskirts of town. Pale sunlight still reflects eerily off of buildings and cars, casting everything in a light glow.
The crowd and mass of bodies had been marching some already, but had stopped for the moment, swirling around a center focal point, not quite in sync but not quite chaotic either. Faces remain hidden behind masks and scarves, bodies shivering against the wind and swaying to stay warm. Protesters swarmed and danced and raised their voices to the heavens as they seemed to identify with the common need for chants and solidarity against the police force that was slowly squeezing in.
Standing in approximately the center of the mass, surrounded by a security team, is a familiar face, his mask temporarily resting on his head for the sake of using the megaphone gripped in his left hand. Courage burns in his eyes, his jawline set in determination, his body tense with anticipation, ignoring the bitter cold and focussing on the mission at hand. Behind him, two security personnel in plainclothes and wearing masks, search the crowd for potential dangers or problems from the encroaching police force. But the crowd melds and mashes into one seething mass, and faces are lost in the sea of Guy Fawkes masks and bundled bodies. A man in a black baseball cap and similarly dark clothes keeps his head bowed as the eyes scan past him, not seeing past his black and white shemagh as anything more than 'another face in the crowd.'

      Heading towards the speaker, the figure quietly pushed past protesters, acting as though he was simply trying to join the line that was face to face with the police units. Dressed in black cargo pants, black tactical boots, a heavy dark coat, a black skimask and forest-green shemagh, he blended in relatively well with the crowd. As he got closer to the security detail, he glanced past them to the man in the baseball cap, fingering the smooth metal and strong grip of his SOG-Salute knife in his pocket. The man in the cap nodded slightly, affirming the mission was still a go.
Focussing his attention on the speaker once more, the masked man smiled slightly and quickened his pace, managing to slip through a hole in the security detail. Face to face with his target, the ghost could feel the rush in his veins, the thrill of his kill, his heart beating as fast as that of his victim's. “Hello, Alex.” The ghost growled, grinning from behind his mask. Alex's face contorted with confusion, surprise, and fear, rendering him speechless and momentarily helpless.
Before security could even turn around to confront him, the ghost pulled his tactical knife out of his pocket; the blade glinted in the last rays of the sun, a glorious sight to the man. Placing his left hand on the back of the startled speaker, the ghost thrust the knife into Alex's stomach with as much force as he could muster, guiding its blade between two ribs and arching it upwards, then twisted it inside. Blood spurted out of Alex's mouth and the wound simultaneously, making him gasp for air. He looked down as the ghost pulled the knife out, then up at the man with shock. “Wh-why?” escaped from his mouth. Someone screamed as they saw the blade glimmer, and his body fall. Chaos ensued as the mass scattered and police tried to figure out what the hell was going on. The ghost disappeared into the crowd before security or the police could catch him, smiling to himself at the rewarding sounds of the speaker gasping out his last words. The head of the security detail and close friend to Alex, rushed to his side, ignoring the pain in his knees as he slid on the asphalt next to the injured man.
“SHIT, Alex...stay with me, come on don't die..Alex?! ALEX!” He shouted over the din of the chaos, his security personnel already trying to create a protective circle around them, against the rush of frightened protesters. “Come on, damnit, stay with me!” He growled, ripping off his mask and shemagh. Quickly, he applied the shemagh to his dying friend's wound to try to slow the bleeding. Alex writhed in pain at the touch and tried to cry out but merely choked on his own blood. “I NEED A GODDAMN MEDIC!” The man screamed at the top of his lungs. He couldn't tell if the sirens he heard were police or ambulance but he prayed they were the latter. He looked up at a Street Medic who had managed to make his way through the crowd and dropped down next to them. The medic said nothing, but merely nodded and pulled a bag of Quickclot out of his black gobag. He placed the quickclot around the shemagh and held it in place while the security officer stood up to check for an EMS unit. Spotting one on the edge of the crowd, he waved his hands and screamed “MEDIC! MAN DOWN!” When he realized the cops were ushering them in his direction, the man dropped to his knees again next to his friend. Alex's eyes were rolling around, and he was loosing consciousness fast. “God, no no no. Come on Alex, stay with me, please stay with me!” The street medic looked grim, and even as the EMS crew took over, he felt an utter sense of dread.



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